Today, I’m really excited to announce that NexHealth made its first acquisition, Enlive. Enlive provides EHR integrated digital forms solutions for doctors and dentists which eliminate the countless paper forms we all have to fill out with every visit. NexHealth and Enlive, together, means doctors, dentists, and developers have an end-to-end EHR integrated Patient Experience solution to digitize patient experiences.

NexHealth is a series A stage company with only 60 people, so why are we acquiring companies?

2020 has been a paradigm shifting year for digital healthcare. COVID shutdowns shocked the industry into adopting digital tools at an unprecedented rate…

NexHealth’s $15M Series A: Raising From Operators During COVID, How and Why We Did It

In June, we announced our $15M Series A which was led by operators and not your traditional institutional VCs. Since our announcement, I’ve gotten a ton of questions from founders, VCs and job candidates on why we raised from operators, what the fundraising process was like at the start of the pandemic, and how it has been working out.

Operator-led rounds are new in the world of venture, coming into the picture in 2020 with Front’s $59m Series C, which was led not by traditional growth investors, but by a group of operators which included: Atlassian co-CEO and co-founder Mike…

Alamin Uddin

Founder @NexHealth. Accelerating healthcare innovation.

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